Product Description

Delta-Flex is a complete Image Processing System offered by Delta Vision in the form of an IP "Intellectual Property". The system comprises of the following three major parts:

  1. Verilog Code for all the Image Pipe Line Blocks.

  2. Simulation & Verification Environment.

  3. FPGA based development Platform.

The system is intended for use by chip makers that wish to incorporate High performance / low cost video processing in their systems.


Image Pipe Line:

The image pipe line is designed with special attention to chip area and speed. The design is partitioned in modular blocks for ease of portability and maintenance. Power management techniques are implemented through out the design, with multiple clock gating inside every block   The following blocks are implemented:

  • White & Black Balance
  • Fixed noise eliminator
  • Lens Shading
  • Gamma
  • Bad Pixels Correction
  • Image Stabilization
  • Noise Filter
  • Cropping
  • Demosaic
  • RGB to YUV Convertor
  • Edge Enhancer
  • Color Control
  • Image Scaler
  • Display Controller
  • Memory Controller
  • DMA Controller
  • USB 2.0 Interface with the PC
  • I2C



Many of the blocks are the results of years of R&D effort and dedication to produce the best image quality with a reasonable gate count. The figure below demonstrates the value added by Delta-Flex. It is for a 64x64 pixel image blown-up to show the artifacts around the edges.

Processed using a standard image processing techniques.
The artifacts of loosing edge definition and color fringing are apparent.

Processed by Delta-Flex image processor. Edge definition is maintained with no color fringing.


Simulation & Verification:

A GUI is employed to setup the simulator inputs and verify the results. The GUI can also invoke the batch mode for regression testing.



FPGA Development Platform:

An industry standard Altera development board using the Startix II-60 FPGA. The platform runs video applications in real time.

The FPGA platform has the following major features:

  • USB 2.0 Interface to the PC.
  • Built in Logic Analyzer.
  • Room to expand, with only 30% of the FPGA used.
  • GUI written in VB, "Features rich & easy to modify".
  • Memory clock > 160Mhz, Video clock > 65 MHz




Delta-Flex Control Console


Delta-flex Color Control Console

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