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About Delta Vision
Mission Statement
Areas of Expertise
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About Delta Vision
Delta Vision was founded in 1995. It is focused on creating highly innovative video and graphics products. The company is dedicated to advancing the state of art in this arena with reliable low cost designs that meet every challenge. Located in the Silicon valley, Delta Vision is in constant contact with it's customers and vendors.

Mission Statement
It's been a 25 year mission. To seek out new concepts and new methodologies.
And effectively use them to meet the market demands and our customers needs.

Areas of Expertise

Four US patents:

US Patent# 4,500,916 Automatic on-air registration system
Horizontal and vertical registration errors in a color television camera are automatically corrected on-air by detecting registration errors in live scenes, associating each error with a preselected region of the raster in which it was detected, separately accumulating errors for each region, periodically analyzing the distribution, magnitudes and signs of the accumulated errors, and the past history of registration errors to determine the type of registration error present, and generating a correction signal to correct the registration error.

US Patent# 4,593,235 Apparatus and method for eliminating video shading ears
In a video camera, "shading ears" resulting from charge build-up beyond the ends of the scan lines of the normally scanned area of a camera tube target are eliminated by applying a voltage pulse to a lens electrode of the camera tube, the timing, amplitude, duration, and shape of the pulse being predetermined to extend the scan lines, and also to de-focus the electron beam.

US Patent# 5,918,281 Personal speedometer
The speed of an object is measured using a device which includes a transmitter spaced a predetermined distance from a receiver. A first sound wave is propagated through air with a first velocity, typically zero velocity. A second sound wave is propagated through air, the air having a second velocity which approximately equals the air speed of the object. The difference in time between the two sound waves reaching the receiver is measured and used to calculate the air speed of the object, which is then displayed to the user. The device is readily mounted on a pair of glasses wherein the user can read the displayed air speed without involving the user's hands.

US Patent# 6,003,008 Point of sale device
A point of sale device (20) is provided comprising a base unit (22) and a cover unit (34) connected to one another by a hinge mechanism (38). The base unit has a front surface (24) and an exterior casing (25) which define an interior volume. Transaction appliances, for example, a card reader...

Two Academy Awards:

Delta Vision was honored twice (1996 & 1998) by the Academy of Motion picture Arts & Sciences for designing the CEI Color IV video assist camera.
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